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Forever is ever
broody_gal wrote in sandranasic
I've just downloaded the bonus track from Sandra Nasic's album The Signal. The song's called Ireen and is absolutely amazing!!! For me, it's one of her best songs! The vocal is incredible and shows all the beauty of her voice. Really love it! It's a must hear song! Highly recommend it!
You can download it from here or here
Have a nice listening!

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thats really greate! thanks you so much, I would never hear that with out you)
this song is a pure Love

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it =D


I can't figure out how to download this track from those links.

On Rapidshare you should click Free button, the new page loads then, you have to wait until the code appears. After that you tape letters/numerals which appeared in the box, press Enter, and your downloading starts

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